Pluto Revealed

On July 14th NASA received a call home from the New Horizons Spacecraft sent to study Pluto.  This contact with Earth was confirmation that the spacecraft had survived and that humanity had now explored the mysterious ends of our solar system.

“Pluto Revealed” was a live event, sponsored by the Spark Museum, Western Washington University (WWU) and the Planetary Society where over 100 people in Bellingham, Washington experienced this historic accomplishment together.  This audience also participated in a live taping of Spark Science with guests Casey Dreier- Planetary Society Director of Advocacy, Dr. Melissa Rice, Dr. Mike Kraft and Dr. Kirsten Fristad (all geophysicists from WWU) discussing features on Pluto.
Please make sure to view the images on this site (located on the left site of the site labeled “Pluto Revealed Images…”), while listening to the show.
Images Courtesy of NASA